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Verb suffixes : en / n / ize / ify …..

Adjective suffixes al / ful / less / ous/ ed/ ish / y / able / ible/ ory / ive / ial /

Noun adjectives : ance / tion / ness / hood / ity / ment / dom / ship / ism /

Here is a list of the most common suffixes used in English. Study them
1- Able : can be done  
According to a reliable source of information, there’s a strike of teachers next week

for sure.

This tea is not drinkable at all. I don’t how how you made it.  A

Some teachers are flexible while others are not.  A

2- ful  :    full of

The last summit held by the eight industrial countries was very successful    A

3- less :    without / having no

I am penniless. Can you lend me 20 $ please ? A

4- ous :     full of

The nuclear tests are hazardous / dangerous for human health. A

5- ish :      like / similar to

This man is 70 years old but he is really childish.  A

6- en / n :  make – become

Working outside the house strengthens women’s personality and widens their

experience in life. V

7- ment :   condition of

The improvement of Moroccan Football needs drastic measures to be taken    N

8- ness :   condition of

To live in happiness, husbands and wives should understand each other first N

Here is another list of suffixes used in English

Hood :         Abdelhalim Hafid spent his childhood in misery and so was his youth.  N

Al  :             The arrival of the flight 73 will be at 7 o’clock.  N

ion :            The industrial revolution in Europe changed the face of this continent

for ever. A

Ance :         The acceptance of other cultures is one way to spread peace round the

globe.  N

Y      :           Please could you clarify your point ?  V

Dom :          My friend’s wisdom is one of his strongest points. N

ism  :           Pessimism and optimism are part and parcel of each one’s personality.

ity    :           I am still doubtful about his maturity.  N

Ship :           What is friendship ? N

ive   :            Iraq possesses no destructive weapons now.   A

Ory  :            My marks in the national exam are not really satisfactory. A

ial    :            The financiacrisis in Europe was really serious.  A

ic     :            The political speeches of G.W,Bush about really were really ironic.  A

Ary  :            Ahmed Zaki never played secondary roles in his movies.  A

ify    :            you should codify your pc for the safety of your information.  V

ize   :            NATO is determined to modernize its military forces.  V
 By Mr Omar                                             Lycée IBN-BATTOUTA – AKLIM
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